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Louise Child - Tantric Buddhism and Altered States of Consciousness

This book explores the role of altered states of consciousness in the communication of social and emotional energies, both on a societal level and between individual persons. Drawing from an original reading of Durkheimian social theorists (including Mauss, Hertz, and Hubert) and Jungian psychology, Louise Child applies this analysis to tantric Buddhist ritual and biographical material. She suggests ways in which dreams and visionary experiences (including those related to the 'subtle body') play an important and previously under-explored role in tantric understandings of the consort relationship.

206 Pages

Mieke Wik, Stephan Wik - Beyond Tantra Healing Through Taoist Sacred Sex

Beyond Tantra is a down-to-earth guidebook for bringing the ecstatic powers of Taoist Sacred Sex into your love life. Based on the authors’ true story of their successful journey into discovery and healing, it provides Westerners with a step-by-step, tastefully illustrated, practical introduction to the ancient Chinese Art of Sexual Dual Cultivation. The authors draw on original Taoist sources together with years of personal experience and practice. They share both their successes and challenges to create a personal, encouraging and inspiring story of hope and success.

"This is an open-hearted true story of a couple who transformed their relationship while learning to charge their vitality and health with enriched sexual energy. Mieke and Stephan share the knowledge and experience gained as a result of their mutual courage and commitment as a couple to engage in respectful, unfettered interpersonal communication while creatively applying the principles of Taoist lovemaking. They provide a beautiful example of how to personalize the information and methods carried forward from past Taoist teachings with meaningful clarification from today’s knowledge."

156 Pages

Pat Zalewski - Talismans & Evocations of the Golden Dawn

This book on talismans and evocation techniques is a further extension of my previous 'Z' works regarding the magical techniques used by the Golden Dawn. Although much has been written on the history and initiation ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn and its successors, the Stella Matutina and Whare Ra, little has been presented on the practical magical workings of its Inner Order the Rosae Rubae Et Aureae Crucis. Many assume that the order members simply performed the rituals presented by Israel Regardie in his Golden Dawn book. However this is far from the case. A large body of teaching was presented to the new initiate about
evocation and talisman manufacture and each adept was expected to use this information to write and perform his or her own rituals

252 Pages

Pat Zalewski - Inner Order Teachings of the Golden Dawn

This book is vital for anyone who claims to follow the Golden Dawn tradition. It reveals the depth of the teaching of the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae and Zalewski's instructions show how this may be practically used. Without this material, it is difficult to see how a modern Golden Dawn adept could claim the title.

271 Pages

Wescott, William Wynn - Sepher Yetzirah

The "Sepher Yetzirah," or "Book of Formation," is perhaps the oldest Rabbinical treatise of Kabalistic philosophy which is still extant. The great interest which has been evinced of late years in the Hebrew Kabalah, and the modes of thought and doctrine allied to it, has induced me to translate this tractate from the original Hebrew texts, and to collate with them the Latin versions of mediaeval authorities and the author also published An Introduction to the Kabalah which may be found useful to students. The "Sepher Yetzirah," although this name means "The Book of Formation," is not in any sense a narrative of Creation, or a substitute Genesis, but is an ancient and instructive philosophical treatise upon one aspect of the origin of the universe and mankind an aspect at once archaic and essentially Hebrew. The grouping of the processes of origin into an arrangement, at once alphabetic and numeral, is one only to be found in Semitic author

57 Pages

Transactions Supplement to the Bibliographical London Society No. 1 (Dee Manuscripts)

IN 1842 J. O. Halliwell edited for the Camden Society a volume entitled The Diary of Dr. John Dee. To the diary itself, which extends with considerable gaps over the years (1554) 1577 to 1601, he appended the catalogue of Dee's manuscript library, taken from an autograph MS. in the Gale Collection at Trinity College, Cambridge' (0. 4. 20). This catalogue it is my purpose to reprint here, and to furnish what information I can about the books entered in it. Bibliographers will readily agree that this is worth doing. They will remember that Dee was not merely an alchemist and spiritualist, but a really learned man, and one who had done his best, by petitions and otherwise, to stimulate interest in the rescuing of MSS. from the dissolved monastic libraries and to induce the sovereign to establish a central national collection of
them. They will also be aware that we have but very few sixteenth-century English catalogues of manuscript collections, and that the investigation of the destinies of a dispersed library may be made to throw much light upon the fol'1nation of the collections which still exist.

40 Pages

Torrens, R. G. - The Inner Teachings Of The Golden Dawn

Includes a number of lectures and teachings of the Golden Dawn, not previously published in these recensions.

207 Pages