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Aaron Ellis - The Bible vs. Tradition (1853)

Our Title would seem to Indicate Chat we liave exposed every case where the " Traditions of men have made void theword of God." But not so: this would require volumes. But by attacking error in its strongest hold, we do much to overturn its whole foundation. And we venture to affirm that he who shall embrace the truths treated of in this book, will be desirous
of pursuing the investigation still further. In these pages we 'have more particularly confined ourselves to the scriptural elucidation of The Mortality of Man, The Unconsciousness of the Dead, and the Destruction of the Wicked; but we have likewise investigated tiie Nature of Man, The Penalty of the Law, The nature of the Sacrifice of Christ, Endless Life obtainable only (through -Christ. The Resurrection of the Dead, The nature of Hell, The Gospel of the Kingdom and its Location, and various other matters that are not .generally understood in these days of fables. The Immortality of the Soul, and the necessary departure from the sense of Scripture which this belief requires, are the basis of all sectarianism and of all creeds. These abandoned, and the way is opened to the introduction of a purer Christianity, based solely upon the Word of the Living God. OY we can convince men that God means what he says, and says what he means, we shall have opened the door into the Temple of Truth ; and may a merciful God induce many to enter therein, that.hey may be sanctified thereby.

326 Pages

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