nedjelja, 30. svibnja 2010.

Osborne Phillips, Melita Denning - Planetary Magick: The Heart of Western Magick

The first part of this book is an excelent resource for all kinds of magicians and wiccans, and shows more planetary correspondences than any book I know, providing hebrew, latin and greek (neoplatonist) names, as well as color, sound and aromatic correspondences, and a good section on mythological correspondences from the Persian, Roman, Egytpian, Greek and several other pantheons. Nontheless, the ritual part proposes a whole new -and complete- different system of(ceremonial)magic which is more recent than the classical wiccan or Golden Dawn systems, and therefore has a weaker Egregora built on the Astral. A great undertaking, if you want to experiment a totally new system, and a good buy if you want to have a dictionary of planetary correspondences.

400 Pages

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