nedjelja, 23. svibnja 2010.

Ophiolatreia or Serpent Worship

Our words by way of preface and introduction need be but
few. The following volume forms a companion to one
already issued bearing the title "Phallisyn".  That work, though
complete in itself rneets in this a further elucidation of its
subject, since, in the opinion of many, Ophiolatreia, the worship
of the Serpent, is of Phallic origin. Such a view, and
others of a contrary nature, have been honestly set forth, and
the best and most trustworthy authorities have been consulted
for history, arguments, and illustrations by which they may be
understood. No attempt has been made to inisist upon any
one method of interpretation as undoubtely correct, but simple
facts have been stated, and the reader has been left to form his
own independent judgment.

120 Pages

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