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John Shertzer Hittell - The Evidences Against Christianity, Vol I (1857)

Strong convictions that all superstitions are pernicious, that Christianity is a superstition, that abundant evidence can be produced of its false, superstitious and pernicious character, that this evidence may be presented in such a way as to be perfectly irresistible to every intelligent and impartial man, that this presentation were better made in my poor way than not made at all, and that hostility to stems, believed to be superstitious, is a duty which every man owes to himself and to society—these are my motives ih writing and publishing this book. Christianity comes home to, and has a strong infiuence upon every man who deserves to be called " civilized." He cannot be ignorant that it is rejected by a large proportion of the learned men of the age, and it is his duty to desire to know the reason.
No man can look with contempt on the religious opinions of Hume, Gibbon, Paine, Burns, Byron, Shelley, Fronde, Bentham, Romilly, Bowring, Carlyle, Emerson, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Greg, Parker, Martineau, Hennell, Montaigne, Bayle, Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot, D' Alembert. La Place, Arago, Mirabeau, Napoleon, Buflfon, Comte,
Cousin, Spinoza, Lessing, Wieland, Goethe, Frederick the Great, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, De Wette, Feuerbach and Strauss—no man is so exalted that the opinions of such men, on the greatest questions which occupy the human mind, can be unworthy of his notice.

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