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Tolouse, Michele - The Mystic Rites of the Black Virgin

A Black Virgin is a statue or painting of the Virgin Mary in which she is depicted with dark or black skin. Their dark skin the colour of fertile earth. They are often found in trees or by a spring: another association with Mother Earth. The Black Virgins are worshipped by esoteric cults, and overlap with the witch belief in the Earth Mother. The power of the Black Virgin is perhaps the most potent form of energy that an individual can manifest in  their personal lives. I will give to you a secret that is known only to adepts and members of the secret societies that exist as part of  the Esoteric Sciences. The secret I am going to share with you are the mystic rites of the Black Virgin herself. Scores of other people, just like you, have reaped the benefits of these mystic rites, and started to live a new  and exciting life. Now you can join them! Now, you too, can learn to expect miracles of health, wealth and happiness. With the miraculous power of the Black Virgin working for you, nothing will be beyond your reach. I will show you how to. . .
Bring money to meet your needs.
Have a special wish granted.
Receive protection from evil.
Win the love of a man or a woman.
Make a Voodoo Love Cake.
Control any situation.
Increase your income.
Attract good health.
This booklet will show you how you can bring these blessings into your life with the Mystic Rites of the Black Virgin. You will have the power to turn your life around. No longer will you consider yourself unlucky, unwanted, or unloved.


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