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Wade Coleman - Sepher Sapphires: A Treatise on Gematria - 'The Magical Language' - Volume 1

Gematria, the Qabalistic numerology of Hebrew letters, is the life-blood of the Western Mystery Tradition. It is a system for investigating Hebrew words and names and learning their "secret sense" by examining the numerical value of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet which Israel Regardie called "the Alphabet of the Angels." This system relies on the fact that Hebrew is a.n alphabet in which letters stand for numbers, for there are no separate symbols for numbers. Words which have the same numerical value are often thought to have a significant relationship. The ancient Hebrews devised several methods of using these letter-values to encode layers of special meaning into their sacred texts and mystical teachings. Thus the "Literal Qabalah,"' which specialized in using these techniques to interpret Hebrew Scriptures, came into being. In addition to straightforward gematria, the Literal Qabalah includes the more complex techniques of notariqon (creating and unraveling acronyms) and temurah (transposing letters in a manner similar to cryptography) to ascribe and uncover the hidden import of words. Consequently the Literal Qabalah is the perfect complement to the so-called "Unwritten Qabalah," which deals with the study of the symbol known as the Tree of Life.

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