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Anonymous Puritan - Vaticanism Unmasked or Romanism in USA

The papal church is a human institution which throws her sacerdotal robes over the whole civilized world. The Pope usurps the authority of Jesus Christ as the supreme head of the church militant on earth, and claims the right to rule the world in God's stead. This audacious claim is rigidly enforced in all parts of the world by military power, where the claim is disputed, and where there are bayonets enough to insure success, at the command of the Vatican. In a Republic like this, diplomacy, strategy, intrigue and all manner of fraud and deception are used according to circumstances, until the civil power is under control, after which obedience to the supreme Pontiff is the law of the land. He usurps the prerogatives of both Christ and Caesar. This arrangement is quite convenient, inasmuch as there is but one source of authority, and nobody is in danger, by transgressing Christ's command "render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's." This is a logical sequence of papal supremacy and infallibility. Once established, one mind can rule the world from a single point to wit, the Vatican at Rome. A
syllabus ex-cathedra is better authority in the mind of a papist than a " thus saith the Lord " of the Bible. The Pope's bull of excommunication has more terrors in it than all the thunders of Sinai, and the penalties of God's broken laws.

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