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John Mason - The Absurdities of Popery

To show that Popery is unchanged, and unchangeable, we present to the reader an extract from a work published in Paris, 1836, entitled " The Life and Miracles of St. Philomene." This book is translated from the Italian, and is exceedingly curious ; and it shows that the religion of Rome is precisely the same, at this moment, as it was in the very worst days of Papal idolatry ; and that the same means are resorted to by the priesthood of these days to perpetuate ignorance and superstition, as were resorted to in the darkest ages of delusion and barbarism. The original work in the Italian language has, within a very few years, gone through fifteen editions. One of these editions has the
" Imprimatur" of that execrable tribunal, the Inquisition, Dec. 12th, 1833. Another of them is addressed to the Bishops, Archbishops, and Princes of the Church ; and the French translation is recommended "to the faithful" by the exhortation of the Bishop of Stratsburg. To a stranger, unacquainted with the absurdities and abominations of Popery, the contents of this volume will appear
unaccountable. Such a mass of blasphemy, ignorance, and childishness was hardly ever put together in one small book.

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