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Collette, Charles - Milner Refuted or Pious Frauds Exemplified

From  The Preface:

DR. MILNER'S Work, miscalled the " End of Religious Controversy"
(in whatever sense the title may be construed), a is well known to all controversialists, though variously estimated by the contending parties. The late Charles Butler, a zealous lay advocate of the Roman Church, declared it to be " the ablest exposition of the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church on the articles contested with her by Protestants; and the ablest statement of the proofs by which they are supported, and of the historical facts with which they are connected, that has appeared in our language." ' The same work has been put forward by Romanists as " the Herculean shield, which not only confounds, but fritters away the ingenious subtleties of the sophist, the specious distinctions of the critic, the empty theories of the sceptic, and all the impotent attacks of misguided reason against our holy religion." By another editor it is styled " The golden work of the Right Rev. John Milner," &c. &c. It is recommended as a " book particularly adapted for the perusal of inquiring Protestants ; the one of all others which the Catholic priest or layman wishes to place in the hands of such persons, as best able to assist their search after truth." Again, the same editor adds :
"We may, in fact, safely say, that no other controversial work, of modern times, has had equal success in effecting conversions to our holy religion. Indeed, there are probably few converts who have arrived at it, without being, partly at least, indebted to this excellent work."

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