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Macgregor Mathers - The Secret Knowledge of the Neophyte


The Neophyte Ceremony, for the Candidate, ended when the
Hierophant stated, "Resu+e your seat in the Nlorthj-Wlest] and remember that your admission to this Order gives you no right to initiate any other person without a dispensation from the Greatly Honoured Chiefs of the Second Order." While the Candidate was in a heightened state of darkness they would hear an address, written by Adepts of the Second Order, that helped shed some light upon their Ceremony of Admission. Other Neophyte Addresses were read at Equinoctial!or Regular Assemblies. The addresses in this book are dated from March 1898 to January 1954. All of the addresses, with the exception of Maim Chioth [Harriet Felkin]'s, were loaned to members to hand copy and return within three months. The address by Deo Date Comite Ferro (S.L. Mathers) was hand-written and read to the Horus Temple in his absence. Even though Mathers states, "In this address I do not ihtend to charge any of you herewith [the sin of Spiritual Pride]," I wonder if he was warding off any future attempts at the Golden Dawn throne, which Westcott left to Mathers when he resigned from the Order in 1897.
The address by Perseverantia (Paul Foster Case) was the only address that was published and sold to members of the Order. His address is very significant because it foreshadows the teaching which he later brought to his esoteric school, the Builders of the Adytum, in 1922. The addresses by Aur Mem Mearab [R.W. Felkin] were read after a Neophyte Ceremony, while the addresses by Maim Chioth were read at
Regular Assemblies. The address by Nunc et Semper (Lilli Geise) is a fine example of the addresses she read in the American Golden Dawn Temples. Appendix A contains the Allocution from the Grade of Neophyte
0°=0° of the Smaragdum Thalasses Temple of the Order of the Stella Matutina and was probably written by Sacramentum Regis

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