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McCulloch, Thomas - Popery Condemned by Scripture and Fathers


THE foiiowing Refutation was occasioned by a virulent attack upon the Protestant religion, and a defence of Popery, which has been published anonymously, and circulated with great industry through Nova Scotia and the adjacent province?. Though I have no wish to excite animosity among the subjects of a Government, whose indulgent mildness ought to satisfy every religious party, I conceived it my duty to appear in defence of those principles which our ancestors have transmitted to us with the testimony of their blood. It appeared to me, also, that .something of this kind was requisite in a country
where books upon the Popish controversy are rarely to be found, and w^here Papists propagate their doctrines with a zeal that would do honour to a better cause : And besides, the Author of the Remarks needed a little wholesome
castigation, to prevent him from arrogating to himself a victory, to which he has no claim.

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