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Painter, William - Popery - The Enemy and the Falsifier of Scripture

If there be one fact more notorious tlian another in the practice ofthe modern Church of Rome, it is the sedulous and incessant care with which—in all countries where Popery is dominant —her bishops and priests keep the holy Scriptures from the people. Where, however. Papists live in society with Protestants, they would gladly conceal this fact, if it were possible ; and they spare no pains to cause it to be believed, that their section of the universal Church never withheld the Bible from the people. Hence the Romish " bishops, and vicars apostolic, and their coadjutors in Great Britain," in their " Declaration," which was first published in 1826, and which has recently been re-printed,* complain that " they are still exhibited to the public as enemies to the circulation and to the reading of the holy Scriptures (Preamble, p. 4) ; and that " the Catholic" [Romish] " Church is held out as an enemy to the readimj and
circulating of the holy Scriptures^ (Sect. 3, p. 7).

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