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Blakeney, R.P. - Popery in Social Aspect - Immorality and Intolerance of Romanism

This work is a Supplement to The Manual of the Romish Controversy Popery is a politico-religious system, dangerous to the temporal and eternal interests
of mankind. The Manual takes up the religious, while this volume treats mainly of the political question. Both subjects are of the utmost importance, relating, as they do, to the temporal and eternal wellbeing of mankind. Popery should be combated, not only with spiritual but political weapons not only by the Church, but also by the State. The author, however, does not advocate intolerance towards Roman Catholics. He would give them full liberty of worship and of discussion, and only deprive them, as a measure of self-defence, of the power of carrying out their persecuting system and canon law;
and of such a position in the state as enables them to subserve politically the papal designs. He bears no ill will to Roman Catholics; on the contrary, his heart s desire and prayer to God is, that they may be saved. It is always important to remember the distmction which exists between the person and the system the sinner and the sin. It is earnestly hoped that this condensation of evi
dence, on the antisocialism of Popery, may tend, under God, to open the eyes of many to the fearful evils of that system, and to the dangers to which we are exposed from its nefarious designs. Who, that impartially reads the evidence and facts of this work, can hesitate to see in Papal Kome the fulfilment of the prophetic words,  And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

344 Pages

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