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Henderson, H.A. - Is Roman Church Holy


The following pages are a religious and ethical review of the lives of the Popes of Rome, shewing in some detail the steps taken by them to mount the papal throne ; the methods used to circumvent an opponent, and the many tragedies encircling them. The Holy Spirit is invoked at every election to the  "Holy" See, to guide in the choice of a pontiff.
I invite the reader after perusing these pages to decide in his mind whether the Holy Spirit could be present at many of the scenes that took place. It may be said that it is unnecessary in the in terests of religion to portray the base side of the lives of these men, but since the Pope proclaims himself to be the Vicar of God on earth, the visible
representative of the invisible God, the universal Governor of the world and upon this claim the Papacy rests the personal character of the man
and his actions necessarily and emphatically must come before us for consideration, and according to our view so we judge of the truth or
falsity of the claim. To decide upon the claim we need to decide upon the life. In the case of the Papacy, which believes itself to be synonymous with Christianity, we may not divorce the private from the official life. The Holy Spirit will not govern the religious, while Satan governs the
secular life.

264 Pages

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