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Jesse M. Boyd - Corruption Unveiled - A Critical Analysis of the United Bible Societies

From The Author:

This Thesis was assigned a failing grade because of the nature of the
argument. Thus, I was unable to graduate with a 4.0 GPA At Liberty University and was forever marked with a big fat F at the end of my college transcript. Such is typical of the prejudice and bias towards the King James Bible that exists in today’s “conservative, evangelical” colleges and universities. Nonetheless, I believe the F stood for “faith,” not “fail”—Faith, that is, in the perfect, preserved Word of God that all English speaking people have access to. Regardless of what the faculty of
Liberty University might say, they have no monopoly on the truth regarding what does and does not belong in my Bible. What’s in there is in there because God put it there; that settles it for me. It is interesting that the arguments set forth in this paper were never rebuked or challenged; only my character was challenged; and the paper was given an F. The grade on this paper kept me from graduating from Liberty with a flawless record of straight A’s. I received a BA in Religion from Liberty with a minor in Greek—all A’s and one F. Oh well, I count it all joy to have
suffered persecution, slight as it may have been, for the TRUTH.

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