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Horne, Thomas - Romanism Contradictory to Bible


VARIOUS efforts have, of late, been made, to persuade BRITISH PROTESTANTS, that the peculiar tenets of the Church of Rome are not so obnoxious as their forefathers at the Reformation believed, and as the venerable compilers of the Liturgy, Articles, and Homilies of the Church of England, not only believed but asserted. Unhappily for the professors of these liberal opinions, the Romish Church remains the SAME. She has NOT retracted a single iota of the unscriptural and anti-scriptural doctrines and practices, sanctioned by the assembly called the Council of Trent, and which, in the Creed of Pope Pius IV., are made necessary articles of faith. As many persons, who are desirous of information on the points at issue between Protestants and the members of the Church of Rome, may not have leisure to peruse the unrefuted and unanswerable publications of the Rev. Dr. PHILPOTTS, Dr. SOUTHEY, the Rev. H. J. TODD, the Rev. BLANCO
WHITE, the Rev. George TOWNSEND, the Rev. G. S. FABER, and other distinguished defenders of our Protestant faith ; the author of the following
pages was induced to compile the present concise statement of the principal CONTRADICTIONS OF
SCRIPTURE by the peculiar tenets of Romanism,  or that " system of doctrine and practice, which
the Church of Rome in all her branches maintains and inculcates." This little manual originally appeared in the
CHRISTIAN REMEMBRANCER, for the months of November and December, 1826, and of January,
1827 ; it is once more respectfully offered to the serious and candid consideration of British Protestants,
in consequence of solicitations made to the author, that he would present it to the public in a detached form.
In preparing his compilation a second time for the press, the author has collated the references anew and has added a few facts, which have subsequently come to his knowledge. The references to the Holy Scriptures are necessarily brief, his design being to offer to uninformed Protestants a compendious DEFENSIVE MANUAL, rather than a copious polemical treatise: and the contradictions of the Word of God by the peculiar tenets of the Church of Rome are given, for the most part, in the words of the Creed of Pope Pius IV., or of the Decree of the Council of Trent.

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