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Kuntz, Darcy - The Chronology of the Golden Dawn


When I began co-creating this chronology, I soon realised the book would not satisfy all its readers. For example, rather than providing footnotes, we chose to list our primary sources for the chronology in the bibliography. No doubt there will be those who will feel this or that fact should or should not have been included. If we were to attempt to compile a truly comprehensive chronology of the Golden Dawn, it would rival the doorstop edition of Regardie's Complete Golden Dawn (Falcon Press, 1984), and put it out of the price range of most readers. Rather than attempting to be a definitive, all inclusive timeline, this simple book is meant to assist readers and researchers as they study other historical books relating to the Golden Dawn. The Golden Dawn books of the past have traditionally focused on the more exciting and turbulent aspects of the Order. Some readers might get the impression that the Golden Dawn was always in "quarrels and continual disturbance," but this could not be further from the truth. There were many happy and fruitful years within the Order that have been less apparent. Our primary purpose in writing this book is to offer our readers a general overview of the connections and parallels of the Golden Dawn history in a readable chronology. As I worked on my Golden Dawn study series over the several years, I created my own chronology to assist me. After talking with Mary K. Greer, we decided to combine our chronologies and present them to the public so that other scholars, researchers and magicians might have the benefit of these brief and sketchy road maps. We welcome additions and corrections from our readers as we hope to reprint this volume in a moderately expanded format in years to come.

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