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Sinclair, John - The Morals of the Church of Rome

The temporal throne of tlie Roman Pontiff has for some years past been in a tottering condition, and would at once be overturned by his own misgoverned subjects, if they were not in dread of foreign intervention. But with regard to the lofty spiritual pretensions of the Papacy the case is different. These are put forth in their most exaggerated form, with an overbearing confidence calculated to astound and overawe the weak-minded. The efforts of the Propaganda have for some years past been specially directed to this country. Money is nowhere wanting for Popish objects, chapels, colleges, schools, and monastic institutions of all kinds, are rising up in every quarter of the kingdom. Even members of our own body have allowed themselves to be perverted. And already the Papal Hierarchy is triumphantly anticipating tlie subjection of this country to the Apostolic See, and the exertion of its world-wide influence for the dissemination of Eomish doctrine. '' England," says Dr. Manning, in a recently published sermon, *' England is the head of Protestantism ; the centre of its movements, and the stronghold of its powers. Weakened in England, it is paralyzed every where ; conquered in England, it is conquered throughout the world : once overthrown here, all is but a warfare of detail. All the roads of the whole world meet in one point, and this point reached, the whole world lies open to the Church's will. It is the key of the whole position of modern error." Without enlarging on the various schemes of pacification and re-union with Rome, in which we are exhorted to accept of all or nearly all the errors that Rome has ever propounded, I may assume that there never was a time when it was more necessary, not only for ourselves, but for our people, to keep in mind what Popery is in respect of doctrine^ worship, and morals.

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