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Ward, Thomas - Errata of the Protestant Bible

The publication of Ward's " Errata to the Protestant Bible" has disclosed a most curious and important fact, that the scriptural church of England and Ireland was originally founded on a false translation of the scriptures. It was
the boast of the first reformers, that they had emancipated their disciples from the shackles of Catholic despotism, and had restored to them the freedom of the children of God : it now appears, that this freedom consisted in reading
an erroneous version of the inspired writings, and in venerating as the dictates of eternal Wisdom the blunders of ignorant or interested translators. "The scriptures," they exclaimed, " are the sole rule of faith. Here they are, no
longer concealed under the obscurity of a learned language, but exhibited to you in your native tongue. Here vou will easily delect the errors of Popery, and learn the true doctrmc of the Gospel."

140 Pages

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