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Ronald Cooke - The Popes of Rome


In this short study the lives of various popes are briefly discussed. The reason for this study is because certain evangelical and fundamental spokesmen have come forward to praise the papacy since the advent of Vatican II and Pope John XXIII, (or XXIV, as the case may be). The popes of Rome are now considered wonderful charismatic spiritual leaders of the entire world community. There is even talk of moving the See of Rome to Jerusalem so that a future pope may oversee and solve the problems in Israel and the Middle East. The last few popes have been praised not only by Roman Catholics and other religious leaders, but by evangelical and fundamental Protestants. Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson, and James Robison all sing the praises of the papacy today. Does the papacy deserve such praise? Is the papacy worthy of the adulation heaped upon it by such men? Let the historical record answer these questions.

48 Pages

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