nedjelja, 6. lipnja 2010.

Hyatt Christopher - The Black Book Volume III - Galts Ark Vol 01

When Dr. Hyatt first proposed the Black Books, I thought it a brilliant
idea. He has always been an "elitistv-though it continues to amaze me
that many readers of his books cannot seem to get that simple fact
through their heads-and this would be a great opportunity to publish
more of his most radical ideas. He has always been interested in that small percentage of homo sapiens at the extreme ends of the bell-shaped curve-certainly, those who have already accomplished something notable with their lives; but even more, those who have the potential to be independent and truly free humans, despite having been damaged by the rigors of living in the insane world of homo normalis. Those who recognize that their lives are their own to do with as they will, and do not whine about how much the world "owes them." (And as clearly as he has said so in numerous books, it's astonishing how many write to him demanding that he provide help simply because.. .) So, if you are one of those who are still looking for that big tit in the sky, who believe that you have a claim on others just "because," get this straight: YOU'RE IN THE WRONG PLACE!

63 Pages

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