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Golden Dawn Rituals Vol 1 Three Officer Version Promotional Preview Copy

This particular version of the Golden Dawn Neophyte (0=0) Ritual arose during the early days of Bast Temple (B.I.O.R.C.) which was originally established to serve the needs of the students of the Golden Dawn tradition living in Denver, Colorado. This revised ritual was designed to address a specific need of the lodge--the lack of enough people to do the traditional version of the ritual--a problem that plagues many Golden Dawn based groups during their early years.
The traditional ritual calls for eleven officers (five of them being of the Adept Minor Grade or higher), which are more members than the typical group can muster when starting out. This has resulted in a few groups having a stranglehold on the entire tradition, allowing them to require members to travel long distances to undergo initiations and attend seminars, and/or having the members trust the officers of the group to be able to perform an adequate astral (long-distance) initiation. Some students faced with these options chose the route of self-initiation instead. This lack of lodges has led to a general lack of understanding about what actually goes on in the lodges; it also has the continuing effect of insuring that only a handful of Golden Dawn based lodges exist.

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