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Whately, Richard - Rise, Progress and Corruptions of Christianity

THE following pages, by Archbishop Whately, make one of the six celebrated Introductory Essays which precede and form a pendent to the new edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, now in course of publication, the other five having been produced by Professor Dugald Stewart, Sir
James Mackintosh, with additions by William Whewell, D.D., Professors John Playfair, Sir John Leslie, and James Duncan Forbes. The reputation and popularity of all these Authors are as universal in the Western as on the Eastern Continent, as that of Baron Macaulay, Lord Brougham, Dr. Chalmers, or Sydney Smith. Hence it requires nothing to be said in commendation of anything that any of these authors may have written, in presenting them to the public. This Treatise has never before appeared in book form, either in Europe or America. In consequence, it was deemed advisable to present it in this shape, thereby rendering it accessible to all who had a desire to consult the subject treated of; namely "The Rise, Progress, and Corruptions of Christianity," a subject full of interest to every intelligent mind. I have collected the titles of all the Treatises of this gifted and voluminous author, and presented them in chronological order, with a scanty biographical sketch. I have the pleasure to announce that I have the approbation, as well as the sanction, of the author, through his bookseller, to print and publish any or all of his books in America, providing that is done in an unrnutilated or uninterpolated form, which, I understand, has not been the case with certain of his works which have been reprinted in this country. With respect to the present Treatise, the reader may rest assured that it is a faithful reprint of the original.

310 Pages

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