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Poole, Richard - Benedict IX and Gregory VI

IT is a famous story that in 1046 King Henry III of Germany went into Italy and held a synod at which three Popes were deposed. It appears in perhaps its most picturesque form in the Bari annals known as the Chronicle of Lupus Protospatharius, an author who wrote about forty years later and who did not so much as know the German king's name. 'In this year', he says, Conus', that is Conrad, 'king of the Alemans went to Rome because there were three Popes there : Silvester in St. Peter's Church, Gregory in the Lateran, and Benedict in the Tusculan. They were expelled, and Clement was consecrated by the aforesaid emperor.' Now there is no doubt that at various dates in the preceding two years three men had occupied the Holy See ; but whether all the three were claimants to it in 1046 is still disputed.

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