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Mieke Wik, Stephan Wik - Beyond Tantra Healing Through Taoist Sacred Sex

Beyond Tantra is a down-to-earth guidebook for bringing the ecstatic powers of Taoist Sacred Sex into your love life. Based on the authors’ true story of their successful journey into discovery and healing, it provides Westerners with a step-by-step, tastefully illustrated, practical introduction to the ancient Chinese Art of Sexual Dual Cultivation. The authors draw on original Taoist sources together with years of personal experience and practice. They share both their successes and challenges to create a personal, encouraging and inspiring story of hope and success.

"This is an open-hearted true story of a couple who transformed their relationship while learning to charge their vitality and health with enriched sexual energy. Mieke and Stephan share the knowledge and experience gained as a result of their mutual courage and commitment as a couple to engage in respectful, unfettered interpersonal communication while creatively applying the principles of Taoist lovemaking. They provide a beautiful example of how to personalize the information and methods carried forward from past Taoist teachings with meaningful clarification from today’s knowledge."

156 Pages

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